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martes, 11 de enero de 2011

LA OBRA DE NANCY J. LOCKE (Nature Nut /JJ Loch )

Cuando un ser humano dice resuelto en profunda convicción: My spirit loves nature, my soul inspirational writing. The aspen leaves whisper to me and I learn their stories. I love listening to waves lapping their rhythm on sandy shores, and I love watching the Lake Huron horizon for distant ships. And I know God made this all"

Mi espíritu ama la naturaleza, mi escritura alma inspiradora. Las hojas del álamo me susurran y me entero de sus historias. Me encanta escuchar las olas golpeando su ritmo en las costas de arena, y me encanta ver el horizonte del lago Huron, los buques a distancia. Y sé que Dios hizo todo esto.

Entonces comprendo que se trata de alguien comprometido con la obra del Demiurgo, su grandeza y lo que es capaz de influir en el espíritu creativo de cada uno de nosotros.
Nancy J. Locke describe sus grandes aficiones, como: Amo hacer sonreír a la gente, caminar a lo largo de la playa, pensar acerca de Dios, sentir el calor de las capas de seda de sus mascotas en la mano, para soñar con cosas buenas por venir.
Estupenda fotógrafa, mejor pensadora, la describo como una mujer que gusta de fotografiar la vida y comentarla con una fraseología sencilla, humilde, serena. Por otra parte, les comento que ella e
s miembro de, sitio en el cual encontrarás su obra dedicada a la Naturaleza (Better Photo Nature Gallery).

En su sitio personal (, la introducción versa:

"As a bestselling gift book photographer, Nancy J. Locke enjoys connecting with God on her outings in Northern Michigan and across the Upper Peninsula. Hugged by the sparkling Great Lakes, Michigan has many inland lakes, streams and wild scenic areas to enjoy, with plenty of opportunities for camping.
Nancy lives on twenty forested acres with her husband, Jeff. She loves the four seasons and enjoys snapping photos of the day to day changes the year provides. Nancy embraces the inspirational moments of sunrises and sunsets, of listening to waves wash ashore, of discovering beauty she never knew existed.
She has two grown children, one precious granddaughter, and four beautiful cats."

Como fotógrafo del libro de regalo más vendido, Nancy J. Locke disfruta de la conexión con Dios en sus salidas en el norte de Michigan y en la Península Superior. Abrazada por la brillantez de los Grandes Lagos, Michigan tiene muchos lagos interiores, ríos y áreas silvestres paisajes para disfrutar, con un cúmulo de oportunidades para acampar.
Nancy vive en veinte hectáreas forestadas con su marido, Jeff. Ella ama a las cuatro estaciones y disfruta fotografiar el día a día que cada año ofrece. Nancy abraza los momentos de inspiración de amaneceres y puestas de sol, de escuchar cuando las ondas llegan a tierra, de descubrir la belleza que ella nunca supo que existía. Ella tiene dos hijos, una nieta preciosa, y cuatro hermosos gatos.

Queridos amigos míos: Es un privilegio para Literalia México el contar con el aprecio y amistad de tan notable persona. Para un servidor, es compromiso inalienable el traerles las diferentes voces y estilos que incidan en proveernos, como seres humanos, de una vida mejor, más empática, más justa.
Desde mi punto de vista muy personal, Nancy es una manifestación más donde la Literatura tiene perfecta cabida, ya que la dualidad Imagen-Palabra, debiera ser una de las premisas fundamentales en el proceso de comunicación del hombre con la Naturaleza.

Finalmente, reproduzco fielmente una pequeña muestra de su obra, esperando encuentren en ella el filón de felicidad que a ella le produce. Para ti, Nancy, mil gracias por tu generosidad y belleza espiritual.
Con enorme afecto y agradecimiento:
Arturo Juárez Muñoz

El blog de Nancy es


If Jeff and I didn't feed the birds during the winter, the landscape would look barren and isolated, with only the snowflakes and wind drawing our attention to the outdoors as the months dragged on.
But having a bird feeder changes all of that. It's seldom quiet and the bird and squirrel traffic heavy. Even the rabbits will snatch the fallen seeds in the sunset hours, leaving their beautiful prints to see after they have left. All of these creatures wait in line and take turns or sometimes squabble.
Chickadees will feed during the worst of weather. A blizzard can blow and knock trees down, but the little bird can wing its way to the food source and keep on going.
The photo above makes me think of the chickadee at prayer, thanking God for the gift of food during the toughest of times. Winter is all about survival for birds, so if you start feeding the birds, please don't stop because they have come to depend on the food supply, and that may have been a reason why they didn't migrate.
May I stay as humble as this chickadee and always have a grateful heart. :D
Hugs, JJ


The warm air from the house condensed and billowed into the frigid night air as I opened the door to place my camera and tripod on the front step. Hubby was there with a helping hand. Then he went back to a warm bed, and I stood on the porch shivering and tilted the tripod skyward, so high the tripod was strained. Focusing on the moon, working both with manual and automatic, I snapped photos. The total lunar eclipse in progress was beautiful to see - well worth staying up for. Here you see it almost completed.
As I watched the reddish black smudge cover the moon, I wondered what the Wise Men would have thought of a total lunar eclipse - if they had seen one as they journeyed to Bethlehem?

Cheers, JJ


Hurricane weather found Northern Michigan the last couple of days and autumn leaves danced high in the air, then sailed to the ground for a great finale. The autumn leaves weren't the only thing soaring. I also saw a bald eagle riding the air current and enjoying the day. Must have been very uplifting. :D
In this photo you see my cat Saff watching every leaf movement a few days before the hurricane hit. The path was already marvelously crunchy and padded with the sweet scent of freshly fallen and decaying leaves. It almost smelled like a flower fragrance and was intoxicating.
Now the leaves have been rained on and are soggy and unappealing. They have lost their fluff and charm as they begin their work of nourishing the earth for the next spring.
But I can say, oh what an autumn! and now am looking forward to marvelous winter scenery.
Have a super day. :D
Hugs, JJ


Recently Jeff and I traveled to the Tahquamenon Bay area of Lake Superior and enjoyed stopping at the State Park boat launch there. As this fishing vessel was heading out right after sunrise, it stalled, so I thought it a great opportunity to capture this silhouette shot.
Lake Superior, which is famous for storms and shipwrecks, was a shimmery pool and a wonder to see. It made the early morning drive well worth it. A quiet lake surface brings calm to the soul; I stood transfixed.
If you are in circumstances where you can't camp. consider reaching a rustic area by sunrise. Stepping out of your car gives you the same feeling as camping - because you experience the earth awakening in the dawn hours just like you've just stepped from your tent. :D The earth smells damp and fresh, the cool air invigorates you, and the cheerful birds are music to your ears. Not to mention, you can watch a beautiful sunrise!
Have a super day.
Hugs, JJ


As you can see, I'm still having fun with my photo editor. Do you like my autumn color swap? :D Don't you enjoy creativity! The leaves are just beginning to change in Northern Michigan and I look forward to beautiful autumn walks of ruby red and gold and peach.
This time of year brings time for reflection. The swimming pool has been stored away. How much fun Jeff and I had with our floating chairs and antics as we played bumper chairs!
We did manage to dip into Lake Huron three times because the frigid waters relented. Think we probably missed a few times because we saw so many bathers splashing around, and drove right by thinking they were nuts. Perhaps Lake Huron warmed more this year and we should have taken advantage of it. We'll do more toe testing next year.
Once more a summer has past and the cats now peer outside on cold mornings after I open the door and think, 'What happened?' This time of year Jeff and I can relax because the cats prefer the warmth of the wood stove and we don't have to try to coax them indoors all hours of the night. That is hard on us because we always worry about them. If we try to keep them in when they want out, they scratch the house up. Ah! peace in the household.
"Autumn arrives in early morning, but spring at the close of a winter day."
Quote by Elizabeth Bowen

Hugs, JJ


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  1. Antonio Sánchez Muriel12 de enero de 2011, 23:34

    All my admiration for you. Your work is beautiful and amazing.

  2. Dear Nancy:
    It is a pleasure finding you in this blog. You know I am an admirer of your marvellous work. Great post.
    Warm greetings

  3. My appreciation and admiration for Nancy. Your work is excellent. You know that I appreciate your thoughts line for nature.

  4. Roberto Salas T. (D.F.)13 de enero de 2011, 13:25

    He visitado ambos sitios, el de la web personal de Nancy y su blog.
    Son sensacionales, muy profesionales y altamente comprometidos con su visión de mundo.
    Felicitaciones a Arturo por tan atinada inclusión.

  5. Para Nancy:
    Un reconocimiento a su trabajo, su forma de entender a la Naturaleza, su compromiso para con la literatura y sus dotes de ser humano ejemplar.

  6. Spectacular work! I congratulate Nancy by this beautiful way to tell us something special about Nature.

  7. Beautiful work. I love Nature too. Nancy has the power of the word and image.

  8. Para Nancy mi reconocimiento y admiración por tan bello trabajo.
    Viene a complementar a la perfección el objetivo del blog

  9. He visitado el blog de Nancy, y me pareció estupendo. Es una mujer sensible, hermosa de corazón y con pensamientos amorosos.
    La felicito muy respetuosamente:

  10. Awesome work. It has all ingredients: beauty, depth, harmony.
    Blessings to Nancy

  11. Delicada y exquisita la obra de Nancy. Tiene todo lo que se necesita para ser una gran escritora. Belleza, profundidad, eufonía, cosmovisión propia.

    Me ha gustado muchísimo.
    Mi abrazo para Nancy